Part 84: Darren is unwell

No new blog post this week, as Darren is unwell, but here are some of the highlights from previous blog posts on The Autistic Writer:

Part 82: Autism Speaks Is A Hate Group

Part 70: Under The Hood

Part 68: When Paddy Met Simon

Part 53: The Spectrum 10k Puzzle

Part 25: Picture This

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Interlude: A brief message

I will never put this blog behind a paywall. I want anyone, anywhere, to be able to access this content at any time. There are costs incurred running this website, however. So if you like what I’m trying to do here, please feel free to show your support with a small contribution via Okay, back to the blog.

You might also be interested in David Scothern’s blog, Mortgage Advisor on FIRE, which covers a range of topics including mental health issues and financial independence.

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