Hi. I’m an independent writer and blogger based in Sheffield, England. I’m the author of several novels, novellas, and short stories. At the age of 54, I found out I was autistic. This discovery helped me begin to understand the difficulties I’ve experienced in life, trying, with varying degrees of success, to function in the neurotypical world.

Since finding out I’m autistic, I’ve thrown myself into the subject of autism – specifically, the issues of social acceptance of autistic people, and the ways in which autistic people are both unfairly maligned and shamelessly exploited for profit and status. The onslaught of misinformation about autism in popular culture and the establishment is astonishing. Harmful stereotypes and myths abound, resulting in autistic people being grossly misunderstood, bullied, isolated, and abused.

Thanks to the internet, autistic people are now talking to each other in massive numbers online. We are sharing our experiences, comparing notes, and emerging as a true autistic community. With this website and blog, I aim to play my part in the process of autistic people taking control of the public narrative around autism, so we can work to dispel the misinformation and lies, and look to a future in which there is true acceptance of autistic people. Please read the Words Have Power section of the site for more information on this.

Along my autism journey, as my understanding of autism issues has developed, I’ve changed my mind about some things, and tweaked my opinions on others. This is a natural part of learning and growing as a human being. Any contradictions between my older blog posts and newer blog posts reflect this learning process.

My latest novel, Aberrations, is now available on Amazon.

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